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“Thank you so much for your interest in our ministry to U.S. Military Guam. We are sent by Southeast Baptist Tabernacle in Indianapolis, IN. We are so thankful for the help and support that they provide.

We trust you will find this website helpful as you keep our ministry in your prayers.”

Clingaman Family


On October 23, 1983, as an 18-year old high school senior, I witnessed the television news of the bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. This moved me to enlist in the Marine Corps. It was only a few months later in April 1984 that a coworker explained the gospel to me and I was saved. I entered the Marines the following September. I attended chapel and Bible studies and witnessed when I could while at Camp Lejeune, NC. In 1987 I was ordered to Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan where a faithful missionary carefully discipled me for the first time one-on-one. I am convinced there is no other way to make disciples than thru one-on-one mentoring. While at Bible college in 1990 I met my wife. My wife and I with our four children have served in our local church faithfully for 26 years. I recently earned my master’s degree in theology.



I grew up in a small remote town in the Philippines. My Grandpa took us to a Protestant church, but I didn’t get saved until my college roommate explained the gospel to me. Af ter college, I moved back with my Mom and Dad at Subic Naval Base where I experienced first-hand the value of the servicemen’s center. When Mt Pinatubo erupted the U.S. Department of Defense moved my family to Boston where I met my husband. We were married a year later. We have served in our local church with our children since we got married.

Our Story

I am a six-year veteran of the Marine Corps, two of those years in Okinawa, Japan. I know what it is to need solid spiritual direction and mentoring while serving overseas. If it wasn’t for a faithful missionary in 1987 my future would have looked bleak. But the Lord lead me to a missionary who could disciple me one-on-one and for two years through his mentoring I matured as a faithful servant for our Lord. Now, I feel God’s hand on me to reach the service men in Guam just like I was reached in 1987. I will minister in a local church and servicemen’s center near the military base.

Contact and Support

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